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NAG FISHERY CO-MANAGEMENT At a time when fish resources are being exploited, co-management systems work to ensure all our fisheries are ecologically sustainable. Many of Myanmar coastal fisheries are now either unmanaged or under some form of limited management....

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Project Cycle Management (PCM)

Project Cycle Management (PCM) Since 2006, NAG has been leading Project Cycle Management (PCM) trainings for rural youth (20 to 30 years old) in Myanmar and in December 2016, resumed trainings. With support from both the public and private...

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Land erosion: GOM climate refugees

Land erosion: GOM climate refugees Sar Phyu Su, once a village of roughly 2772 acres is now a little more than a dot on the map—if it’s even on the map. In ten years, the water’s edge has shifted west, eroding agricultural and pastoral lands, leaving the population...

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