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Network Activities Group (NAG) is a non-governmental organization in Myanmar dedicated to improving the lives of the country's poor and vulnerable. By creating inclusive networks and collaborative partnerships, NAG helps empower communities and develop sustainable livelihoods.

NAG was established in 2008 in the wake of Cyclone Nargis as an emergency response organization called Nargis Action Group. Post response, NAG continued working towards a peaceful, prosperous and sustainably developed Myanmar and in late 2008 registered as Network Activities Group.


NAG's vision is a peaceful, prosperous, and dignified society that values equity and diversity.


NAG facilitates social and economic development through collaborative, community-driven projects focused on empowering communities, strengthening civil society and promoting good governance.

We work effectively across organizations, sectors and borders. Our strength is our ability to create inclusive networks and partnerships that ensure the self-determined needs of poor and vulnerable communities are met.

By empowering people and creating partnerships, local communities are given the opportunity to participate in the decisions and processes that affect their communities. The inclusive process ultimately helps improve livelihoods, promotes good governance, strengthens civil society and improves public services.


NAG works towards achieving a peaceful, prosperous and sustainably developed Myanmar using a strategic approach that focuses on four goals:

Livelihoods: Communities see the emergence of relevant and viable business opportunities through increased access to investments, technology and capital.

Governance: Sound policies are established through active community participation, particularly in the areas of natural resource management, food security, and livelihood development.

Civil society: Community members are aware of their rights and responsibilities and actively engage in decision making at local and policy levels. Communities are empowered to respond to their own needs, including during disasters and emergencies.

Public service: Government departments and public services are fulfilling the basic needs of communities in an accountable and transparent manner.


In realizing our vision, mission and goals, NAG embraces the following values:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Collectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Individual expertise and innovative ideas
  • Individual rights, equity and fairness

Contact Us:

U Bobby ( Chief Executive Officer)

No.35, Hnin Si Myaing Street, 27 ward, Rose Park (1), North Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar,


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