Network Activities Group (NAG) is currently implementing livelihood improvement projects in three main regions of Myanmar-Delta, Dry zone and Hilly regions.One of its major development projects in Delta area.

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NAG is committed to ensuring voices of the local people are heard through strong community empowermet processes, combined with a holistic analysis which recogizes that action also need to improve the enabling environment.

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Network Activities Group (NAG) has started relief and recovery efforts, by the name of Nargis Action Group, in Delta area, especially in Pyapon, Daedayae and Bogalay, ith the funding received from Action Aid, Oxfam Novib, and DFID/Pyoe Pin. Later, NAG has become a registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, committed to the sustainable development efforts not only in Delta, but also in regions which has been facing food and livelihood insecurity. In fostering the visions of sustainable development, NAG focuses on the Governance Approach, intending to necessary changes of various stakeholders and existing practices towards good goverance which is essential and core for the sustaiable development ad win-win solutions for all stakeholders. Accordingly, NAG has engaged activities, and creating a network of development efforts and partners, NAG has necessarily become "Network Acticities Group".


Network Activities Group (NAG) is a non-profit, on-government local organization dedicatedly working for the emergence of a society of Myanmar people which is sustainably developed and pros-perous. The main approaches that NAG applies are building the capacity of the people and commuity-based and civil society organization, creating economic opportunities, ad promoting good governance in target issue areas. Curretly, NAG has been implementing livelihood and goverance projects in three main regions of Myanmar- Delta region, Dry Zone and Hilly region.

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