Network Activities Group (NAG) is a non-governmental organization in Myanmar dedicated to improving the lives of the country's poor and vulnerable. By creating inclusive networks and collaborative partnerships, NAG helps empower communities and develop sustainable livelihoods.

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Promoting the sustainable growth of aquaculture in Myanmar to improve food security and incomes for communities in Ayeyarwaddy Delta and Central Dry Zone (MYCulture) Pyapon & Dedaye ( 50 villages), 2015- 2018

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  • Established in 2008 with the name of Nargis Action Group (NAG)
  • Sister Organization of Myanmar Egress
  • After Nagis Emergency Period, NAG registered as Local NGOs with the name of Network Activities Group (NAG) with the aim of focusing on shaping good governance in Myanmar

Organizational Strength

  • Regions / Program - Hilly, Dry and Delta & Costal Region
  • Coverage Villages - 260-300 Villages
  • Number of Staff - 120 ( the whole organization)
  • Main Partner organizations - Oxfam, DCA, HAI, WFP, Trocare, Swiss Aid, Lift, NRC, HELVETAS, FSWG, Wetland Alliances

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